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Mature skin needs TLC!

How to get it into the maintenance phase of your home care routine!

The majority of women we see these days and when I worked at The Medspa are what I would categorize as mature skin. They are coming in because they want to improve some aspect of their skin or maintain the quality of their skin.

I can preform a visual skin consultation by taking a look at the skin and also asking the them what the main concern is. By also listening I am able to better understand the needs to do my evaluation. This is an amazing tool to help us see beyond the surface also to get to the psyche of the person to really understand where we should start. This will also allow for me to create a game plan of sorts to custom treat each individual.

I used to run Aesthetic Clinics all over the world and am trying to bring my wealth of knowledge to everyday people in the convince of their homes. Back when I was in doing office treatments I would always find out how aggressive someone wants to be. We can start with a custom medical facial and address the basics like skin brilliance, elasticity, and revitalizing treatments. And then work into a little more aggressive type treatments such as a Microneedling, Deluxe Microneedling, or Non Surgical Facelift.

To be very honest the most important thing anyone can do is home care! I will be sharing ways to do a lot of these treatments to yourself in future video blogs and tutorials. I want to pass along the info and share what I have learned over my years in aesthetics. But you will have to continue to follow my blogs and vlogs for more info on all of that!

Home care is about 70% of how you maintain your skin! There are more levels to home care like on your ability to do many steps or if you choose a more simple aproach. They want to only have a few steps in the daily regimen. By using certain tools and products at home you will see significant changes with or without a professional doing treatments on you. How exciting is that? I'll break down what if recommend for them!


•Cleanse morning and night I recomend the Jan Marini Bioglycolic cleanser

•Moisturize I recommend Jan Marini Transformation Lotion or Neocutis Biocream

•Protect I recommend Jan Marini 30 SPF or Revision Intellishade


Cleanse a.m and p.m

Bioglycolic Face Cleanser: this cleanser encourage soft,smooth, and more refined skin texture.

•Rejuvenate a.m and p.m

C-Esta Face Serum: vitamin C and DMAE improve the appearance of wrinkles and skin firmness, and also create a lifted, radiant look.

•Resurface a.m and p.m

Bioglycolic Bioclear Lotion: dynamic ingredients rejuvenate the skin target textural concerns Brightening the skin and provide multifaceted resurfacing benefits.

•Hydrate a.m and p.m

Transformation Face Cream: versatile solutions target a variety of skin concerns by repairing damage increasing hydration, guarding against inflammation, and greatly enhance the overall skin rejuvenation.

•Protect a.m only

Antioxidant Daily Face Protectant SPF 33: broad-spectrum UV protection from the sun's harmful rays microscopic sponge encapsulation system provides a silky surface that does not feel heavy or oily.


Jan Marini Luminate is a Retinol that will brighten,lighten, and rejuvenate the skin.

Jan Marini Regeneration Booster slows the skin cell from aging and helps the overall quality of the skin

Revision Nectifirm helps to tighten and resurface the neck and decollage. There are lots of alternative products depending on your level of financial abilities.

(I can always recommend other products depending on budget as well these are just my go to products that I see best results with)


Gua Sha Stone

Radio Frequency personal device

LED Light Therapy mask or light

Home microdermabrasion tool

I will go deeper into the tools in another blog. So it's all up to the level of the clients dedication to self and what they want to achieve for the end result.

With a thurough consultation we can really decide as a team what will be the best home care products for you. They are all customizable. And it's a fun process that really can change your skin. If we work together I feel like we are a team and I will cheerlead you throughout the process and keep you motivated and answer all of your questions!

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