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Take Time Out to know You better!


Natal Chart Reading
1 hour

Learn more about what your soul came to do and learn

In this one hour reading you will learn the outline of your souls blueprint. I am going to share the key things that will help you better understand yourself.  With this knowledge you are better equipped to navigate this thing called life.

Transit Reading

Knowing your natal Chart is a must

In the transit reading, I have four options to choose from. There is a  three, six, nine, and year 12month calculation.  The way to use this reading is to help you prepare for the energies that are heading your way. Prices vary due to length.

Confetti Storm

Life Coaching using Astrology

Customized Plan

This service is truly up for creation.  We co-create a plan to get you the desired outcome you are working toward.  This can be as simple as a new work routine or changes to where you want to live.

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