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Gua Sha... Better Than Botox?

Why this is one of my favorite home care treatments to enhance and maintain skin!

History of GUA SHA

The art of gua sha dates back hundreds of years actually thousands of years ago. It is one of the oldest healing techniques know today.

This beauty and wellness technique really was noticed 700 years ago in the historic records of the Ming Dynasty in China. And is one of the basics of essentials of Traditional Chinese Medicine. I say often its an oldie but a goodie in your home care beauty routine.

The meaning of Gua Sha means: Scraping sand in Chinese. Maybe because it molds the tissue into what you desire.

It increases the blood and circulation. This will also improve the cells ability to efficiently do their job in the anti-aging components of what they do. It improves blood flow and increases the tone of the skin and tightness(increasing elasticity). It also is amazing for stimulating the lymph system helping to remove toxins built up in the skin and de-puffing the problem areas like the eyes. By removing excess waste the skin will look healthier and fresh. Giving a youthful glow. It can also help with dark circles under the eyes and help make that area look fresh and rested. By working the deeper aspects of the skin structure the SMAS (sub muscular connective tissue) you will improve the look of wrinkles in the skin as well almost erasing them. There are many techniques on how to do this that I will be sharing on future video blogs to show my tricks and what has worked for myself and my clients.

Possible Side Effects of Gua Sha:

There can be little side effects of using the Gua Sha stone. There will be times if you go more aggressive that the skin will become flush and red. It can also leave marks on the skin where you treated where the blood may pool under the skin a bit looking like a hicky type mark and that is all okay! This is actually normal and to be expected when you first start treating due to breaking down old muscle movement patterns and adding more blood flow to the treated area.

How To Use the Stone daily:

Apply products to skin rub in with a massage type feeling. Then grab your tool.

Hold the tool whatever way feels best against your skin use the edge for more aggressive movements. Glide it up and outward toward the ear. Make sure the strokes on the neck always go downward opening the lymph. Also don't be afraid to use pressure. The only area I suggest to go lighter is around the eye. On the forehead go upward and sideways. I call it the eraser when you go over wrinkles and try to buff out the depth of the wrinkle. Everyone has their own techniques these are always up to facial tension and where there is more fat in the face. I will do a video on this to show my techniques as well!

Benefits of daily Gua Sha treatments:

You will notice after a few times of using the gua sha stone regularly that you will see a natural face lift. By bringing blood flow to the skin you oxygenate the skin and bring in lots of yummy nutrients that over time take longer to get to the surface of the skin. This will give the skin a magical upgrade of looking all plumped up glowing making the skin look more youthful. This is such a plus and people will start to notice and ask what are you doing differently. Also by doing daily after you put your quality products on the skin it will help product penetration in turn making everything work better for you!

Are you ready to get your own Gua Sha stone and get started?

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