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LED Light Therapy and how it boosts almost every aesthetic treatment

As most of you know I offer a wide variety of skin treatments. From Anti-aging facials, the amazing Nonsurgical Facelift, to cellulite and fat reduction treatments.

I am all about optimising my aesthetic treatment results and one of the most affordable ways to boost them is by adding LED Light light therapy. It can be added-on treatment or as a stand alone treatment. This amazing treatment is something so easy that you can do it every day without taking too much of your time.

Quick history of LED light therapy. It has been around for years. It is regularly used by NASA to help regenerate tissue and to heal injuries of astronauts in space. That is pretty awesome right? I mean there is no gravity in space being weightless so the astronauts definitely loose muscle. LED therapy is a great solution . It penetrates deep into the tissue causing cell growth and stimulation. Sold yet? I was!

And the more I read about it in aesthetic publishings there are even more benefits, so I set out to try them on my clients and on myself.

There are many colours and wavelengths that are beneficial for treatment. You need only 8 minutes of treatment time to start having the positive benefits. But to have a truely relaxing treatment, I recommend at least 20 minutes on the face and 15 minutes for the body.

The light then penetrates into the layers of the skin. The red is the deepest penetrating light and it goes into the dermis (where collagen and elastin cells are formed). The light will actually stimulate the body to start creating new cells. I mean how amazing is that? Now I will break down the colour and what its good for.


Healthy glow

Smooths overall skin tone

Builds collagen

Reduces Wrinkles

Aids in fat reduction

Reduces redness, flushing, and broken capillaries

Fades scars and stretch marks

Stimulates hair growth and regrowth(prevents hair loss)


Kills “P” bacteria on the skin

Reduces oil production

Decrease acne inflammation


Treats dialated capillaries

Lightens dark circles under eyes

Reduces pigment caused from sun damage and hormone


Stimulates the Lymph system

Helps to reduce redness and smooth sensitive skin

Brightens complexion

CYAN LED LIGHT Reduces skin tension

Heals sunburns

Reduces inflammation in the skin


Increases cell renewal and regeneration

Helps kill "P" bacteria

Perfect for acne clients who have active acne and healing acne


Enhances nutrient absorbsion

Helps treat skin wounds healing faster

Great for wrinkles

I like to do combinations of light colors depending on the clients needs and we will tailor it to your specific needs. There are face LED lights and larger ones that can be used on the face and body. We will together decide what one is best suited for your individual needs!

I also recommend light therapy paired with my Nonsurgical fat reduction treatments.

It is well documented and studied that red LED light helps to stimulate cell growth. But it also has the ability to help with the breakdown of fat cells.

If my clients do the fat reduction treatments there will be damage to the fat cells in the area. By adding the light, it can quicken the process of clearing these unwanted cells by helping the body to flush out the lipids. The light therapy you will get help skin tightening.

Adding LED Light Therapy is a definite plus and benefits all skin treatments!

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