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RF + EMS + Nano Mesotherapy

  • 1 h
  • 125 US dollars
  • Oak Street

Service Description

This amazing 3 in 1 machine uses multiple forms of collagen stimulation and hydration to achieve desired results for the client. Using Radio frequency and microcurrent to lift tone and stimulate collagen it is very powerful anti-aging machine. The nano needless mesotherapy helps to infuse hydration and peptides into the skin leaving it hydrated and supple after treatment. It is better than a Hydrafacial in regard to working more modalities in the skin. 1. Nanoscale needles can make anti aging products go into the deeper into the skin without damaging skin, no side effect, safe to use.
 2. Deep replenishment and rich nourishment, strengthen skin help to better absorb the hyaluronic acid and peptide combo.
 3. Helps to reduce blemishes, wrinkles and marks.
 4. Nanoscale needles (needless)increase collagen levels to create new and young skin, so realize skin rejuvenation.
 5. This treatment is suitable for skin and 100%safe which has no side effect after the operation(no pregnancy)
 Results include:
 1. Face Lifting 
2. Lightening pigment
 3. Skin Rejuveration
 4. Moisturizing/plumping effect 
5. Improve acne pit (atrophic scar). 
6. Improve rough texture decreasing pore size.

Contact Details

  • Black Lotus Salon & Spa, 408 Oak St, Kelso, WA 98626, United States

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